Criminal record check Service | BD Services

Criminal Record Check

  • To ascertain the right candidate for your organization.
  • Protect your organization against liability claims.

Secure Your Workplace: Trust BD Services for Secure and Accurate Criminal Record Check

At BD, we prioritize the safety and security of organizations, where conducting criminal checks on potential employees proves to be an essential step. Our expert criminal check team has years of experience in providing fast and secure results regarding the applicant's criminal history. With BD Services, you can trust that you'll receive detailed and truthful information about your employees or candidates.

If you want to get an applicant’s background verified or ensure that they are not involved in criminal activity, BD Services is the perfect partner. Contact us today to get started and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization is secure.

Criminal record check Service | BD Services
Criminal record check Service | BD Services

How does a Criminal Background check work?

As an employer or HR professional, if you want to hire any candidate, you will probably want to do a background check to limit fraud. This is an important check to mitigate the risk, where a candidate gets into the process from investigation to final crime records check that he or she has committed any crimes or not in the past. The investigation is always initiated after the consent of new applicants or candidates looking to get hired by HR Professionals. Conducting Criminal Checks can be very beneficial to limit fraudulent activities and also workforce can be enhanced.

At BD Services, Our Criminal Checks team goes through the very first step and finds out what information about the applicant needs to be investigated. This might include anything like name, address, and what kind of offenses they've been convicted for in court cases. Once this information has been collected, it must then be verified by other people who know about these details as well as additional sources such as police reports and court records from other jurisdictions where they've lived or worked previously.

With BD Services, you can be confident that your candidate is trustworthy and reliable, with no hidden criminal history. Don't leave your organization's safety and reputation to chance; uncover the secret behind criminal background checks with BD Services today!

Why is it important to have Criminal Background Checks?

In today's fast-paced world, making informed decisions is crucial. Whether you're an employer looking to hire new employees or an individual seeking a new roommate, having a criminal background check is essential.

Here are some reasons why it's important to have criminal background checks:

  • Safety and Security:Criminal background checks help ensure the safety and security of individuals and organizations by identifying potential risks, such as violent or dishonest manner.
  • Protecting Reputation: Hiring someone with a criminal history can damage your organization's reputation, resulting in a loss of trust from customers and stakeholders.
  • Legal Compliance: Conducting criminal background checks is often required by law, particularly in fields that involve working with vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, or disabled individuals.
  • Reducing Liability: Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Conducting criminal background checks can help reduce the risk of liability in case of any incidents involving an employee.
  • Building Trust:By conducting criminal background checks, you can build trust with customers, stakeholders, and employees by demonstrating a commitment to safety and security.
Criminal record check Service | BD Services
Criminal record check Service | BD Services

How to Conduct Criminal Background Checks?

We at BD have various methods used to conduct criminal background checks, from traditional methods such as searching court records to more modern approaches to analyzing online data. Whether you're an employer looking to hire a new applicant, a landlord seeking a new tenant, or simply looking to conduct a background check on someone, understanding the process is key to making the workforce fraud-free.

  • Identify the individual: To begin the process, you'll need to verify the person's full name, date of birth, and any other relevant information, such as their number.
  • Verify personal information: Once you have the person's identifying information, you'll need to verify it using reliable sources, such as public records, credit bureaus, and other databases.
  • Conduct a criminal history search: Next, you'll need to conduct a thorough search of the person's criminal history, including any arrests, convictions, or outstanding warrants. This may involve searching court records and other sources.
  • Inspect the results: Once you've gathered all the relevant information, you'll need to carefully review and interpret the results. This may involve assessing the severity of any criminal history, identifying any patterns or trends, and considering any relevant mitigating factors.
  • Make informed decisions: Finally, based on the results of the criminal background check, you'll able to make informed decisions about whether a candidate fits right to join the workforce or not.

Why Choose BD for Criminal BGV?

BD Services is the leading provider of background checks in India, offering a comprehensive range of verification services to help companies filter out candidates with criminal histories or invalid records. With over 15 years of experience working with MNCs across the country, we are experts in identifying potential threats to employee safety. We take every necessary step to ensure that criminal checks are done effectively and efficiently, providing employers with peace of mind that their employees are safe from harm.

Our focus on creating a revolution in the background check industry is driven by a mission to make the world a fraud-free place. By providing simplified background checks, we are making workplaces safer for both employees and organizations. Trust BD Services for accurate, reliable, and efficient background checks that will help protect your organization from potential harm. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Criminal record check Service | BD Services
Criminal record check Service | BD Services

What is Actually a Background Check?

When it comes to hiring the right candidate, making informed decisions is essential. That's where BD comes in – verifying an applicant’s address, identity, criminal, education, and employment history. These checks can be tailored to meet the needs of various industries, job roles, and organizations, providing valuable insights to help you make better decisions.

With today's fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you're selecting the best candidates of your choice. Let our expert BGV team guide you through the process and help you make informed hiring decisions that will set you up for success.


Conducting Criminal Checks with BD can save your organization from potential hiring mistakes and ultimately help build a stronger and safer workforce that serves better to your organization. Get started with uncomplicated BGV today!

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