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Frequently Asked Questions

A basic search is provided within 10 working days. If there is any discrepancy identified, some additional information is required in the cases will take 15- 20 working days or more depend on the case.

If you would like to cancel a check and it has not started processing yet, you can do this from dashboard of your BD Account. To cancel, just follow the below steps:

Find the check you'd like to cancel on the dashboard.

Expand the details by clicking on the arrow on the right side.

If the background check has not started processing, you will see a "Cancel" button.

Click the button and confirm cancellation

If the background check has already started processing and you would like to cancel an individual search, please contact our Support Team as soon as possible.

Call BD Support at +91-011-49563300

BD screening packages have been created specifically to yield quick, accurate results.

However, additional consideration, such as industry or experience level might require different add-ons.

View Types of Checks to understand your choices.

Yes, You may run background check on candidates living in any of the state.

For resume verifications, such as completed degrees, past employers or professional licenses BD investigates information provided about a candidate's background to verify claims made by the candidate.

To start a background check, you only need to provide your candidate name and email address. We will take care rest. We email your candidate a link to a secure site where they can provide the rest of the information. Our digital consent process, within built in electronic signature, keeps the entire process quick, easy, and accurate.

No, we do not have `any setup fees.

We require all orders contain a minimum number of searches as contained in a Basic Check.

You may dispute information on your report with BD Services file in one of 2 ways:

Call our number: +91-011-49563300


You may contact Invoicing and Billing department with BD Services in one of 2 ways:

Call our number: callto: +91-011-49563300