Insurance Investigation Services

At BD Services, we prevent our clients from prospective false claims in Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Identity frauds by rigorously Investigating the profiles that are tough to investigate. This is specifically an incredible field investigation service for you to keep the threat of forged claims at bay.

Our team of experienced investigators proves unrivalled when it comes to consistent work on-ground to identify any suspicious element. In short, we are the strongest squad of investigators that provide insights to organizations with required input to take decisions.

Insurance Investigation Services

Cashless Investigation- Health Insurance

  • To provide insurer with the Accurate information about the Patient and the Hospital.
  • To verify the Nature of Complaint and room type of the patient admitted.

At BD Services, we provide comprehensive cashless investigation services in health insurance claims. With a decade of experience in the field, BD's highly skilled staff ensure a seamless process for the clients.

The initial step in cashless investigation involves the client directing us a PREAUTH Form with its authorization, granting us permission to proceed with the investigation.

Our Field Investigators visit the hospital with the Authorization Letter. During the meeting, the TPA PREAUTH FORM will be verified & cross checked with the details provided on the PREAUTH FORM. Our Field Investigators verify the Room Type and Nature of Complaint with the Patient. Due Diligence is performed with the patient to check the Nature of Complaint, whether it's a legit complaint or a fraudulent complaint.

Our Field Investigator conducts extensive investigation on the case. Patient's statement will be recorded in written & video statement will be prepared based on the consent of the Patient. Quality check is performed by experienced medical professionals to recheck if all the standard operating procedure is meeting as per client's requirement.

Insurance Investigation Services

Reimbursement Investigation-Health Insurance

  • Reimbursement health insurance claims are complex and require precise investigation.
  • Our approach to investigate reimbursement of health insurance claims is extensive investigation.
  • Our excellent team ensures accurate and reliable information for our clients to make confident decisions.

Receiving and Analyzing Key Documents

At BD Services, we initiate investigation by receiving essential case documents from our client, a reputed health insurance company. These documents, such as the consent form, discharge summary, lab reports, and the final bill summary, help us to understand the nature of the claim.

Creating a MIS

At BD Services, we use a Management Information System (MIS) to store and manage the information we collect. This system ensures data integrity and easy retrieval and analysis.

Collecting Documents from Hospitals

At BD Services, our field investigator gathers documents from hospitals, such as the Hospital form, Doctor form, ICP papers, Discharge summary and the Final bill. This ensures a thorough understanding of the claim.

Obtaining Diagnostic Reports

At BD Services, our field investigator gets lab reports validated from diagnostics centers. This provides diagnostic evidence to support the claim.

Engaging with the Patient

At BD Services, our field investigator questions the patient about their claim with sensitivity and professionalism. We get valuable insights, verify the authenticity of the claim, and collect additional information.

a.  Conducting KYC and Confirmation Statement Video : At BD Services our field investigator conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to check the patient's identity and credentials. We also record a confirmation statement video of the patient's testimony with consent of the patient.

b.  Collecting Documents from the Patient : At BD Services our field investigator collects documents from the patient, such as ICP papers, Pharmacy bills, Discharge summaries, and the Final bill. This ensures a complete field investigation evaluation of the claim.




Profile Check - Life Insurance

  • To provide insurer with the accurate information of the Insured
  • To verify the Insured is Healthy and living a Wealthy Lifestyle.

At BD Services, we conduct comprehensive investigations into the profile of life insured individuals. BD Team will take appointment with the Life Assured and appoint a field investigator to conduct home visit to the life assured.

This includes physical visits to the life insured person's home and confirmation of identity via filling of a detailed investigation form that consists of the information about the life insured individual's personal details, health details, family income, KYC proof, their Photo with the Field Investigator and vicinity checks as per client's requirement.

Our field investigators assures they have collected all the information required for profile check. Quality checks will be performed to ensure accuracy of the report. Post validation, the final report will be sent to the client. We provide customized services tailored for our clients to meet their specific needs.

Delivering Accurate Reports

At BD Services, we compile all the information into a detailed report. We provide our clients with an accurate and reliable report of the claim verification.



Stay confident that with our seasoned field investigators with over a decade of experience you can expect a meticulous and professional investigation process from BD Services. Making the World Fraud Free is our vision.

Insurance Investigation Services


Data Destruction

*Collected data will be destructed as per the client's policy.

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