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USPS Address Verification Check

  • Ensuring genuineness with the candidate's address is valid or not.
  • Geocoding and reverse-geocoding address with latitude and longitude data.
  • Our secure checkout process includes a mandatory address verification check to ensure your order reaches you safely.
  • To prevent delays, we recommend performing an address verification check before submitting any important documents.

Reliable USPS Address Verification Check for Your Business: Choose BD for Accurate and Efficient Results

Consider using BD services if you're seeking a dependable method to confirm the addresses of candidates. We have a proven track record of offering precise and dependable address verification. Our address verification services assist in validating the authenticity of employee addresses. By simplifying the address verification process, we help ensure the accuracy of employee information, making it easier to identify candidates who have provided false address credentials.

With our state-of-the-art technology and extensive databases, you can trust us to deliver the reliable & efficient address verification solutions that your business needs to thrive. Save time, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction with our address verification services today.

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How to Conduct Address Verification Checks?

1.Physical Address Verification

This process involves physical verification by our field executives.

  • The executive checks details such as the names of individuals residing with the candidate and the candidate's period of stay during the verification.
  • The feasibility of this check is guaranteed for temporary addresses.
  • Here, experts convert addresses to latitude and longitude (geocoding) and vice versa (reverse-geocoding).

2.Digital Address Verification

Our digital address verification process involves a few simple steps.

  • The candidate submits their documents online, and the platform validates the address digitally
  • The platform draws the longitude and latitude coordinates to confirm the existence of the stated location, preventing the use of fake addresses.
  • We make digital verification user-friendly and trustworthy.

Why Is It Important To Conduct An Address Verification Check?

By conducting an address check, you can make informed hiring decisions that can prevent a multitude of compliance issues. Verifying a candidate's actual address ensures that you're hiring the right person for the job. At BD Services, we understand the importance of verifying a candidate's address, as it can make or break their candidacy. Our address check service makes it easy for you to identify candidates with invalid address records, so you can hire with confidence.

Don't take a chance on unverified candidates; let BD Services help you mitigate the risk of poor hiring decisions with our reliable address check service.

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address verification check
Valid Documents Required for Address Verification

Are you wondering what documents are acceptable as proof of address in India? The following documents are commonly used for address verification:

  • A bank statement with the name of the account holder and the date of issue (it should not be more than three months old).
  • Utility bills, such as those for gas, electricity, water, internet, and other services, can also serve as proof of address.
  • A current lease agreement with the signatures of both the landlord and the tenant can be used as proof of address.
  • A credit card statement that is no less than 3-6 months old may also be accepted as proof of address.

At BD Services, we understand the importance of accurate address verification, and we accept these documents as valid proof of address for our address check service.

Why BD for Address Verification check?

Address verification check can be a complex and costly undertaking, with several factors to consider. We work with recruiters and employers to ensure that their information is always secure, up-to-date, and trustworthy. Our address verification check is a reliable and speedy solution that can assist in enhancing your customer communication and minimizing your expenses.

You can trust us to deliver on our commitments and systematically authenticate each step of the process. It also helps you to ensure that all of your employees are legally allowed to work in India.

USPS Address Verification Services | BD Services
Address verificaiton

Challenges with the Address Verification Process

The background check industry relies heavily on address verification as a critical component in ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of a candidate's personal information. However, the process of address verification can present several challenges that the industry must navigate.

  • Applicants may provide fake addresses, making it difficult for background check providers to verify their information.
  • Some candidates may not have a permanent address, as they may be staying at a temporary residence or moving frequently. This makes it challenging to initiate a reliable source for address verification.
  • Another challenge is the time and resources required to perform a thorough address verification process. Conducting physical checks can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Finally, privacy concerns and data protection regulations add an extra layer of complexity to address verification in the background check industry. Providers must ensure that they are compliant with data protection regulations while still performing accurate and thorough address verification.

Despite these challenges, BD Services provides efficient and reliable address verification services that prioritize accuracy, privacy, and compliance to help clients make informed hiring decisions.

What is Actually a Background Check?

When it comes to hiring the right candidate, making informed decisions is essential. That's where BD comes in – verifying an applicant’s address, identity, criminal, education, and employment history. These checks can be tailored to meet the needs of various industries, job roles, and organizations, providing valuable insights to help you make better decisions.

With today's fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you're selecting the best candidates of your choice. Let our expert BGV team guide you through the process and help you make informed hiring decisions that will set you up for success.

USPS Address Verification Services | BD Services
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Double check: The importance of address Verification

Ensuring correct address statistics is vital for a smooth and a hit experience. address verification is the procedure of checking an deal with in opposition to a depended on supply to verify its validity. This allows avoid mistakes and delays, and benefits all of us worried.

Why is address verification crucial?

Shipping achievement: accurate address verification reduces the chance of failed deliveries due to typos, missing information, or non-existent addresses. this protects time and money for both companies and customers.

Fraud Prevention: address verification can be a key device in preventing fraud. with the aid of confirming the billing address matches the cardholder's address, businesses can help save you fraudulent purchases.

statistics quality: consistent address verification helps keep smooth and correct customer information. This improves conversation and advertising efforts, and guarantees precious statistics is not misplaced because of wrong addresses.

How does address verification work?

Address verification offerings compare the provided address against a complete database, such as the ones maintained with the aid of postal services (USPS in the US) or personal companies. This database includes records on valid addresses, formatting standards, and capacity delivery troubles.

Do not Wander away in the Mail: The strength of USPS address Verification

In relation to sending and receiving mail, accuracy is king. Even a small mistake in an address can result in delays, lost applications, and frustration. that's where USPS address verification comes in as a powerful tool.

USPS address verification is a carrier supplied by the us Postal service (USPS) that allows ensure the accuracy and deliverability of your mail. through comparing the address, you provide against their legitimate database, USPS address verification can:

Capture errors: Typos, missing apartment numbers, or incorrect zip codes – USPS address verification can discover those errors before they motive troubles.

Standardize Formatting: USPS has unique formatting tips for addresses. Verification ensures your address adheres to those standards, making it less complicated for mail companies to discover the recipient.

Confirm Deliverability: not all addresses are created equal. USPS verification can perceive addresses that can have delivery obstacles or do not exist in any respect.

Multiple benefits of using USPS address Verification

The blessings of the usage of USPS address verification amplify past simply avoiding misplaced mail. here are some additional blessings:

Cost financial savings: decreased delays and lost mail imply less money wasted on resending programs.

Stepped forward purchaser experience: when mail arrives on time and at the proper deal with, your clients are satisfied.

Greater safety: USPS verification can help prevent fraudulent deliveries via confirming the legitimacy of the cope with.

The very last phrase on USPS address Verification

With the aid of incorporating USPS address verification into your mailing procedure, you are making sure a smoother and extra reliable experience for yourself and your recipients. don't permit a simple address blunders derail your essential mail – take benefit of this valuable service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The address verification process is a essential step in making sure the accuracy and legitimacy of an man or woman's or entity's deal with facts. This method involves verifying the provided address through diverse manner inclusive of databases, software records, postal services, and every so often even physical visits. The significance of the address verification process cannot be overstated, as it facilitates save your fraud, guarantees compliance with policies, and continues the integrity of statistics. In sectors like banking, e-trade, and authorities offerings, the address verification process is vital for validating consumer facts, facilitating relaxed transactions, and presenting correct deliveries.

The USPS address verification system includes validating and standardizing addresses consistent with the us Postal service's database. This technique tests if the given address exists and is deliverable, ensuring accuracy in mail transport. The USPS address verification system is essential for decreasing mistakes in delivery, preventing again mail, and improving basic performance in logistics. by making use of the USPS address verification system, corporations can beautify consumer pleasure with the aid of ensuring that programs and correspondence reach their meant locations right away and as it should be.

The address verification includes checking and validating addresses to make certain their accuracy and existence. This procedure usually uses diverse databases and verification equipment to confirm that an address is accurate and deliverable. deal with verification is crucial for corporations because it allows lessen errors in shipments, prevents lower back mail, and complements patron pleasure by means of making sure timely and accurate deliveries. additionally, deal with verification facilitates companies maintain clean and reliable consumer records, that's essential for effective conversation and operational performance.

An address verification check is a process used to verify the accuracy and validity of a deal with with the aid of cross-referencing it with dependable databases. This ensures the address is correct and deliverable. For agencies, accomplishing an address verification check is vital as it minimizes transport errors, decreases the chance of lower back mail, and guarantees timely shipping of products and communications. additionally, an address verification check allows maintain correct customer records, improving customer delight and operational performance.


An address Check is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of a candidate's personal information during the background check process. BD Services offers reliable and efficient address verification services that prioritize accuracy, privacy, and compliance.

Our top priority is to ensure the security of your company, as well as verify the legitimacy of candidates who join your team or conduct business with you. By using BGV, you can have confidence that you have implemented the strongest security measures to deter potential fraudsters. Protect your company from deceptive situations by using BGV today and enjoy peace of mind.

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